Meet Erin

“I want to help you transform into the woman that is living her BEST life. I want to inspire you to take those tiny steps so that one day you’ll wake up and realize you’ve actually taken a big leap towards a new you!


Hey there, friend!

I’m sure you stumbled across this page because you’re ready to make some big changes in your life or you’re just curious who this girl is. I totally get it! I really thought I knew who I was…until I had a baby. And then EVERYTHING got turned upside down. Let me tell you a little about myself….

I am 30 years old and live in North Carolina with my husband Shane and our 2 year old Grayson. I’m a women’s fitness specialist, soon-to-be certified nutritionist and consultant with Arbonne International.  What I do now feels NOTHING like work. This is my passion. When I first started thinking I might want to get certified as a personal trainer, I just loved creating workout plans for other people, but over time, this evolved into a deep sense of purpose. I thought I had the ‘fitness thing’ all figured out until I had my son and got to know exactly what a postpartum mom goes through in her journey. I experienced stubborn belly fat, sleep deprivation, self-doubt, and complete loss of motivation. Through my own journey, I’ve been able to not only keep helping women on their fat-loss journeys, but personally relate to the hidden, silent struggles moms go through. Life is too precious to waste it not waking up confident in your own skin.

I love helping women through all phases of life- before, during, and after kids. I believe you don’t ‘get your body back’ after a baby, you just develop into a new version of yourself! So now, I get to wake up each day, excited to help individuals work towards their goals, and also strive towards my best self!

All my love,

Coach Erin