Meet Erin

Hi, I’m Erin!

A faith-based health and fitness coach,  and I help women learn to see themselves through God’s lens, and learn to move and nourish their bodies out of love. 


 I’m so glad you’re here! 

I am  a small town North Carolina native, wife to that cute guy from my high school wrestling team, and mom to the world’s two coolest kids, Grayson and Savannah. I’m a women’s fitness specialist, soon-to-be certified nutritionist and consultant with Arbonne International.  When I first started out on my personal training journey I just loved creating workout plans for friends, but over time, this evolved into a deep sense of purpose. I thought I had the ‘fitness thing’ all figured out until I had my son and got to know exactly what a postpartum mom goes through in her journey. I experienced stubborn belly fat, sleep deprivation, self-doubt, and complete loss of motivation.

Through my own journey, I’ve been able to not only keep helping women on their fat-loss journeys, but personally relate to the hidden, silent struggles moms go through. I, like many women, assumed I would bounce back and my own gym-related struggle would be figuring out childcare. I had no idea what awaited me after my son was born, but I knew no woman should walk through that alone. 

Over time, my struggles as a new mom with a new body transformed into a beautiful way for me to get to know our Creator even better. When I no longer chased body goals and I put my focus on Him, that’s when I felt most beautiful and confident. 

We were made for more than we allow ourselves. Let me show you how. 

Coach Erin